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We warn you that our story is long and continually ongoing, but we hope that reading this brings more clarity to the kind of effort you will receive from us at Resolution Promotions.

The story of our company originates with founder and CEO John Archibald. He was born in New Jersey and grew up in Tennessee as a sports junky who would play as many competitive sports that he could each calendar year. By the time he headed to the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga after high school, the one thing he knew was that being a professional athlete was not an option, so he would be forced to find another way into the industry. While in Chattanooga, he discovered a peaked interest in public relations, and that is the route he chose to go.

After receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Archibald left everything in Tennessee and moved south to Fort Myers in 2004 to become the Public Relations Director of the Florida Firecats of arenafootball2, a feeder to the Arena Football League at the time. The ensuing season had major ups and downs, from the team losing a player in a Labor Day automobile accident to the entire region being displaced by Hurricane Charley. On the field, the season was capped off by reaching the ultimate high, with the Firecats winning the league championship on their home turf.

However, Archibald was living on no salary and only receiving sales commissions while working with the Firecats. He knew he could not afford to remain in South Florida after the season, and that is when he opted to make a second life changing move in nine months.

What Archibald wanted to do was apply the same methodology that he did as a young athlete, working in as many sports and for as many teams/programs as possible on a year-round basis so he could advance his professional career more quickly. He felt the location where sports were most saturated was in the Northeast, so an unlikely move back to New Jersey was the decision he made.

To leave South Florida, Archibald would literally have to give up everything. Renting a moving truck was not an option, so he was forced to throw out everything he owned that could not fit inside his Nissan Altima. Once his car was packed, he headed north on a 1300-mile drive to New Jersey with nothing but his own thoughts riding as co-pilot.

Archibald drove to New Jersey on his last $150, with his sister giving him a full-time job at an orthopedic firm she managed and renting him a condo that she had just put on the market.

With a full-time job and roof over his head, Archibald got back to his mission. He began reaching out to every single team throughout the New Jersey and Philadelphia region, landing part-time gigs in everything from semipro football to basketball, lacrosse, indoor soccer and every sport in between, again at various levels.

After three more years of constantly working and pursuing his dream in New Jersey, Archibald was starting to struggle with whether or not his true break was ever going to come. Luckily at this time, a brand new arena was being built in Newark for the New Jersey Devils, and their ownership group had decided to establish a Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL) team called the New Jersey Ironmen to play there as well. Having spent a season with the Philadelphia KiXX of the MISL, Archibald sent in his portfolio to the Ironmen as he had done with so many other professional teams in the area, but something different happened this time. They actually asked him to come to Newark for an interview about their Director of Communications job.

Archibald soon headed to Newark and met with Ironmen General Manager Tony Novo and another person who was a long-time MISL executive. Briefly stepping into the meeting was Ironmen head coach Omid Namazi, who was a former head coach of the Philadelphia KiXX and is currently the head coach of the U.S. U-18 Men’s National Team. While still a bit raw in terms of experience at that level, Archibald was later told he became the front-runner for the job because his attitude sounded as if “he would run through a wall” for the team. They were right.

About a week after the interview, Archibald received a call from Novo, who offered him the Director of Communications job. Needless to say, he accepted.

Archibald began working around a great group of people at the Ironmen, among them being former U.S. Men’s National Team goalkeeper Tony Meola, and the two remain very good friends to the day. With Meola on the roster, the Ironmen received requests from virtually every media outlet that covered the game of soccer. The current National Soccer Hall of Famer proved to be the ultimate professional and helped Archibald weave his way through the world of media relations at that level. The Ironmen continually packed star power into Prudential Center, including at their first-ever home game when the legendary Pelé served as honorary captain.

John Archibald | Pele
John Archibald and the legendary Pelé.

While working for the Ironmen, Archibald endured a strenuous commute. His days began with a 30-minute drive to the train station, which was followed up by an hour train ride and 30-minute walk to his office at Prudential Center. With a daily four-hour commute, he spent a lot of time in his own thoughts, very similarly to that drive from Florida to New Jersey three years earlier. He decided that he had to come up with something greater than what he was currently doing.

Mentally and physically exhausted on one of those train rides, the idea he conceptualized in his head was to start his own sports communications firm. After doing some research, he discovered that he passed by the main New Jersey office of SCORE in the Newark train station every single day. He then set up an appointment with SCORE, which is composed of executive volunteers who administer small business mentorship. Archibald had no idea how to legally start his own business, but he gathered enough information that day to figure it out.

Next up was the task of creating a name. All he knew was that “Sports” had to be in it. He also wanted the name to somehow indicate the pursuit of chasing goals. After a deep dive on Thesaurus.com (is that not where every great business starts?), the word “Resolution” seemed to jump off the page at him. That day, Resolution Sports was born. Then on November 4, 2008, Resolution Sports LLC was officially filed, and Archibald was a business owner.

Admittedly, part of the reasoning behind the original creation of Resolution Sports was done because Archibald “thought it would be cool to say he owned his own business.” It was not long until that loose ambition was forced to become an obsession.

In July of 2009, Archibald and the staff of the Ironmen were told that the team was being shut down. The state of professional indoor soccer had proven to be too toxic for the Devils ownership group to continue seeing it as a smart business initiative.

At this point, Archibald had two options. The first was to admit it had been a good run over the past six years since college graduation and to accept the idea of working in a “regular” job. The second was to go full-force down the path of building his own business and seek new clientele. If you know anything about him, you know which route was immediately chosen.

In addition to jumping into entrepreneurism with both feet, Archibald took a unique strategy in terms of how he would market the business. With very little expendable funds, he decided that he would cover sports as a journalist as a way to get his name and the Resolution brand out to the public. Rather than make the commitment of a full season that a team sport would entail, he determined that covering boxing and MMA (one-day commitments as opposed to season-long commitments) would be the most intelligent strategy, especially considering his passion for both sports. Before long, he was seen at nearly every combat sports event throughout the region, from club shows to major arena cards.

Upon the closure of the New Jersey Ironmen, a few of their staff members had made the move to Sky Blue FC of the upstart Women’s Professional Soccer (WPS). They must have put in a good word with the team leadership there because Archibald soon received a phone call to gauge his interest in handling their communications duties. Having spent the past two USL W-League seasons working remotely with Charlie Naimo and the California-based Pali Blues Soccer Club (winning two championships), he had already developed a strong connection to the women’s game and quickly accepted their offer.

Over the next two-plus years with Sky Blue FC, Archibald went on international tours with the club in Turkey and Japan, visited the White House and worked through two seasons of WPS. However, league turmoil came to a head in early 2012, and WPS ceased operations. For the second time in less than three years, Archibald was forced to make a hard pivot after losing his main source of income.

After picking up a few small contracts, Archibald decided he would have to make a tough decision. The business revenue was not sufficient enough with the loss of Sky Blue FC, and he eventually decided to accept a gracious offer from a family friend for a full-time corporate job.

For the next two years, Archibald worked that full-time corporate job and spent every other minute of his day attempting to rebuild the business with a more solid foundation. Also during this time, his life hit the most inconceivable low when he tragically lost his oldest brother.

Going through this very difficult time, Archibald eventually found an internal motivation to pursue things for a greater cause. His first decision was to create a communications firm that would cover every industry, not just sports, and it would be operated everyday as a dedication to his brother. A former dirt track stock racer, his brother ran under the number of 605. On 6/05/2013, Resolution Promotions LLC was officially established, with each anniversary since being a “celebratory lap” on 6/05.

As had became the norm in his life, Archibald hit another crossroads in late 2014, as that major international corporation where he worked moved its entire business to North Carolina. For the third time in just over five years, Archibald saw the majority of his income taken from him, but this time would be different.

Sky Blue FC had been reestablished in the U.S. Soccer-operated National Women’s Soccer League in 2013, and former Ironmen General Manager Tony Novo had taken the same position with Sky Blue FC. Before his corporate job had expired, Resolution Promotions had a verbal agreement in place with Sky Blue FC, and additional deals were also in negotiations to further strengthen the business model.

Resolution Promotions continues to handle all communications responsibilities with Sky Blue FC, including social media, digital marketing, video production and media relations. Additionally, the company works with other clients that cross into a variety of different industries.

The beauty of our company is that it is built on trials, tribulations and even mere survival at times. The types of experiences we bring to the table are ones of personal adversity and overall perseverance. We will “run through the wall” for your business if you entrust us, that much we promise you.

If you made it this far, we hope that you now have a clearer image of who we are. Further, we hope that your business can become part of the unwritten future of the Resolution family.

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