College Recruitment Videos

Do you have a child, relative or family friend who is pursuing a college athletic scholarship? Perhaps you are yourself?

Quite possibly the most effective recruiting tool that you can have is a high school highlight video to provide college scouts. We can create recruitment films for you that highlight the player before the actual play develops, with non-invasive music and smoothly running highlights. No matter the sport, we can create the highlight video for you.

What we will need from you:

  • Your child’s name, high school and jersey number.
  • Access to videos that contain the highlights you would like to use.
    We can either provide a DropBox for you to upload the highlights, or you can provide us with direct access to download them ourselves.
  • Fill out a document (that we will provide you) that tells us at what time we need to clip highlights with a brief description of the play.
    This is ensure that we properly capture the highlights to best showcase the player.

What you get from us:

  • A highlight video for your athlete that will showcase him/her in the best possible light for college scouts.
  • You will be given a private YouTube link of the highlight video (we will turn it public upon your request), as well as a DropBox link to download the video and use however you choose.
  • Note: The highlight video should not exceed six minutes in length once completed. Please let us know if you are seeking a video longer in length.

Cost: Contact us for estimate.

Interested in having a highlight video created? Contact us today.

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