Sportika Basketball Announces One-Day 3v3 Tournament and Fall Leagues

Sportika Basketball

Sportika Sports is excited to announce a series of basketball events that will be coming to their state-of-the-art facility in Manalapan, N.J. The first event is a one-day 3v3 tournament that will be taking place on Saturday, September 8, which will then be followed up by a Fall 3v3 League that will run on Friday nights from September 21 until November 16. Additionally, Sportika will be hosting a Sunday 5v5 Fall League that gets underway on October 7.

“Sportika is excited to present our first 3v3 basketball tournament on September 8th, as well as our first Fall Leagues for boys, girls and adults of all ages,” said Jeffrey L. Jordan, CEO of Sportika Sports. “Basketball league play at Sportika is now a reality, and we are looking forward to providing exciting formats where EVERYONE can participate in leagues at our world-class facility. This variety of programming will enable us to provide opportunities for more teams and more participation for all levels of play.”

As mentioned, the one-day 3v3 tournament will be hosted for both boys and girls at Sportika Sports on Saturday, September 8. The youth divisions will be separated into four age groups, which will include 3rd Grade, 4-5th Grade, 6-8th Grade and 9-12th Grade. The adult divisions will include an 18-34 year-old bracket and a 35+ competition. Each team is guaranteed two games, and rosters are capped at five total players. The first team to score 21 points is declared the winner, with each game needing to be won by at least two points.

The cost for teams in the one-day 3v3 tournament is $150, with individual players being able to join for $60 each. Register Here: Join One-Day 3v3 Tournament

The Fall 3v3 Basketball League will be hosted on Friday evenings from September 21 through November 16. The age divisions, scoring and roster maximum are the same as the one-day tournament described above, with each team guaranteed two games a night and 16 total games during the season. Following league play, a championship game will also be played.

The cost for teams in the Fall 3v3 Basketball League is $299. Register Here: Join Fall 3v3 League

The Sunday 5v5 Fall League will be hosted in association with FCP Hoops. The season gets started on October 7, and a championship game will be hosted on November 18. 5v5 league play will be available in six divisions, including 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade and Varsity. Each team is guaranteed six regular season game before playoff competition begins.

The cost for teams in the Sunday Fall 5v5 League is $425 ($395 each if you register multiple teams). Register Here: Join Sunday Fall 5v5 League

“This fall will usher in a new era of basketball at Sportika, and our one-day 3v3 tournament will springboard our Fall 3v3 League and Sunday Fall 5v5 League,” Jordan stated. “After the fall, we will then head into 2019 with additional basketball programing that will include clinics, trainings, Pre-K and Biddie Basketball instructional programs, Sportika In-House Developmental Teams and so much more.”

For the latest information about Sportika Basketball and its programming, make sure to visit and follow Sportika on social media: @SportikaSports

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