Devon McFadden Joins NY State West Youth Soccer As Executive Director

Devon McFadden NY State West Youth Soccer

The New York State West Youth Soccer Association is proud to welcome Devon McFadden to its staff, with McFadden officially stepping into the role of Executive Director for the state association. McFadden was specifically targeted by the New York State West Executive Director Search Committee due to her distinct characteristics and unique skill set, making her the ideal candidate for the position.

“I am very excited for this new role and to work for NYSW,” said McFadden. “I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in sports in some capacity, and this position is a great opportunity to make a difference. The NYSW team has been very supportive and helpful in the transition process, and just from our initial interactions it was made clear to me their passion for what they do. I think this will be a great opportunity to serve a wider demographic, and also dive into the amazing world of soccer.”

McFadden arrives at New York State West with a wealth of experience in both athletics and the non-profit space. Sports have always held a prominent position in her life, growing up playing soccer and tennis in addition to being a competitive swimmer. That dedication eventually led her to swimming at the Division 1 level in college at Saint Bonaventure University, where she became a multiple team record-holder and a collegiate All-American.

After studying sociology and communications at Saint Bonaventure University, McFadden followed her desire to work in sports at Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. She served as head coach of both the men’s and women’s swim team at Juniata College while also working as the aquatic director for three years. After raising the ranks of both teams in their respective conference standings, McFadden made the move back to Western New York and accepted a role as the Director of Urban Sport for the YMCA of Greater Rochester. Over the next two years, she worked diligently to obtain grant funding and build multiple sport programs within the city of Rochester.

“We are excited to have Devon onboard,” said Hugh Goodridge, President of the New York State West Youth Soccer Association. “She brings to us a fresh perspective and unwavering dedication. With her blend of determination and creativity, she is well positioned to steer the Association towards a future filled with prosperity and success. We are all looking forward to the journey.”

Over the past 10 years, McFadden has dedicated her professional career to sports development and engaging in the nonprofit world. With her unique background as a highly successful athlete who has thorough experience in both the sports and non-profit spaces, McFadden spoke about how those experiences have prepared her for this new role as New York State West Executive Director.

“I believe any past experiences I have had, whether athletic or career, will always add valuable skill sets for the future. Having this unique background will absolutely assist with my new role as NYSW Executive Director, and I am so grateful for all my past experience,” she stated. “However, I do believe it ultimately comes down to hard work and also having passion for what you do. I care a lot about building sport programs and athletic opportunities for youth because I know how much it has greatly enhanced my life. I really love what I do, and I hope to lead NYSW in a good direction for all the clubs, teams, players, coaches and referees.”

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