Eric LeGrand Launches LeGrand Coffee House

Eric LeGrand - LeGrand Coffee House
Photo by Jeffrey Auger.

LeGrand Coffee House Debuting with Online Store; Coffee Shop to Open Later this Year in Woodbridge

Eric LeGrand has launched his own coffee brand, officially opening LeGrand Coffee House on Tuesday. The company debuted with an online store, and developments are currently underway to open a coffee shop in his hometown of Woodbridge later this year.

“I am extremely excited to open up LeGrand Coffee House online so we can bring a daily dose of bELieve to people throughout the United States,” said LeGrand. “With each cup of our coffee, I am hoping everyone will enjoy it to the last drop and be inspired to go attack their goals.”

The online shop for LeGrand Coffee House currently features a custom mug and three different types of coffee – Costa Rica, Guatemala and Sumatra. LeGrand Coffee House products are derived of single origin roasts, which means the coffee is sourced from one single producer, crop and region in one country. Long story short, it ensures that consumers are getting the highest quality coffee that is possible to be produced. Additionally, LeGrand Coffee House uses a slow roasting process of its beans to further cement its commitment to supplying top quality coffee.

LeGrand hopes that his company can serve as a vehicle to bring people together and inspire them by providing a Daily Cup of bELieve. As an African American man in a wheelchair, he knows what it is like to have the odds stacked against you. However, he approaches every single day with a mode of positivity that enables him to accomplish any goal he sets his mind towards achieving.

Many people have asked LeGrand why he would open a small business in the midst of a pandemic and during so much economic uncertainty. Well, once his heart was set on launching his own coffee brand, there was no disability or pandemic capable of standing in his way.

“We are all going through some extraordinarily difficult times right now. Through LeGrand Coffee House, I hope to remind everyone of how important it is to maintain a positive mindset despite what circumstances you may be facing,” said LeGrand. “The launch of LeGrand Coffee House is so much more than simply opening a coffee shop. It is a reminder that we can accomplish anything if we set our heart, mind and focus on that goal.”

In October 2010, LeGrand sustained a spinal cord injury at his C3 and C4 vertebrae while playing football for Rutgers University. Since that life-altering incident occurred, he has become a worldwide source of inspiration whose message of positivity has influenced a countless number of people throughout the world. Additionally, LeGrand has developed an incredible business and professional acumen, becoming an established entrepreneur, motivational speaker, sports analyst, philanthropist and author.

On the charitable side, his philanthropic organization Team LeGrand has raised well over one million dollars for the Reeve Foundation. Additionally, the Rutgers graduate was recognized by Sports Illustrated with its 2011 Best Moment Award, and he was also presented with the Jimmy V Award for Perseverance at the 2012 ESPY Awards. Further, he was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2017, receiving the Warrior Award.

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