Former Rutgers Basketball Standout Geo Baker Launches GB Go Beyond

Former Rutgers Basketball captain Geo Baker speaks to a group of youth players.

GB Go Beyond Focuses on the Development of Student-Athletes Both On and Off the Court

Former Rutgers Basketball standout and rising entrepreneur Geo Baker has announced the official launch of GB Go Beyond, a basketball training program that helps athletes unlock their full potential both on and off the court.

“The many hurdles and challenges that can be found in life are also found in sports,” said Baker. “At GB Go Beyond, we aim to teach our kids to embrace the challenges, and persevere through them with a smile on their faces.”

If there is anyone who understands how to overcome adversity and shine on the basketball court, it is Geo Baker himself. After being designated the 414th ranked recruit in the nation during his senior year of high school, the New Hampshire native went on to become one of the most instrumental players in the history of Rutgers Basketball. He played a critical role in transforming the program, and the four-time captain helped the Scarlet Knights make consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances for the first time in 50 years. He also etched himself into the Rutgers record books for a variety of statistics, finishing his career ranked second all-time in assists, fourth in steals, fifth in three-pointers and eighth in points. Additionally, he was selected as an All-Big Ten honoree on four occasions.

Baker credits his mentor (and current Rutgers assistant coach) T.J. Thompson as being vital to his personal evolution in both basketball and life, and he now wants GB Go Beyond to provide that same type of leadership and guidance for its student-athletes.

“I started GB Go Beyond because I remember how important it was to have a mentor who truly believed in me,” confirmed Baker. “I was skilled and worked hard, but having someone who had been to NCAA Tournaments and played a high level of basketball telling me every day that it can be possible for me to do the same with certain habits and discipline was so crucial in helping me get to the level I did. He did all that while also making the game fun. I was genuinely excited to go to the gym every day to see other kids and learn a new basketball move. I want to do the same with the kids who walk through my doors.”

GB Go Beyond is founded on the three pillars of resilience, passion and positivity. Resilience stresses the importance of never giving up, no matter the obstacles. Passion focuses on falling in love with the grind, while positivity refers to keeping a great attitude, even on our worst days. These philosophies apply to anyone regardless of where they are in life or what they are aspiring to achieve, and they are emulated in GB Go Beyond brand apparel that is now available to the public.

“The idea behind the GB Go Beyond apparel was to put the messaging and language that I use when speaking to the kids about basketball onto something tangible for anyone to look at and be inspired,” stated Baker. “Our three pillars are great for basketball players, but they are also things that I use in my everyday life. GB Go Beyond serves as a reminder to embrace the many challenges found both in sports and in life.”

On the court, GB Go Beyond provides high level basketball skills training, combined with a fun and competitive environment for kids to grow and develop. Baker personally serves as the head trainer and uses his knowledge from playing at the highest level of college basketball to put student-athletes in the best position to succeed inside and outside of the game.

“I see myself in these kids. They are super competitive, and I can tell they have the same goals and drive that I had at their age. So, it is really fun to see that and just help them figure out their journey along the way,” said Baker. “I want to talk to these kids about how they are performing in school and life, and make sure they are doing the right things.”

Currently, GB Go Beyond is hosting 75-minute training sessions from Monday through Friday at The Club At Woodbridge, with training at 3:30 PM for high school athletes and 4:45 PM for middle school players. If you are interested in attending one of the sessions, you can book your spot online.

Since graduating from Rutgers University, Baker has continued to conduct himself with the same drive and intensity that helped him excel on the basketball court and in the classroom, only now he has shifted that energy towards entrepreneurial and business endeavors. In addition to establishing GB Go Beyond, the vocal NIL advocate founded Knight Society alongside Rutgers legend Eric LeGrand in 2022. He also serves as a Board Member for VarsityLink, which is a social media network geared towards athletes.

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