Kingwood Recreational Soccer League Hosts NJYS Y Coaches Clinic

Kingwood Soccer

New Jersey Youth Soccer recently held its NJYS “Y” Coaches Clinic for members of the Kingwood Recreational Soccer League (KRSL). Presented by NJYS Director of Coaching Rick Meana, the training session was made available to KRSL coaches and players at Kingwood Park.

“KRSL has been members of NJ Youth Soccer for many years,” said KRSL President Michelle Daly-Padron, who also coaches at the club. “After our first meeting together, Rick saw how dedicated we are to investing in our coaches to further grow our 76-person league. He saw the potential, drive, leadership and positive energy we put into each practice for our players and families to grow and learn about this great game.”

Players and families were very engaged at the session. The coaching philosophies being taught stressed an overall enjoyment of the game, and small-sided activities helped in creating a fun environment. Overall, the training was designed to provide novice youth recreation soccer coaches with the essentials to get them confidently prepared for the season.

“The NJYS Coaching School is committed to assisting our club members create better soccer learning environments for children, said Rick Meana, NJYS Director of Coaching. “I was very impressed with the dedication and enthusiasm shown by the KRSL leaders and coaches.”

The focus of the NJYS Y Course is to help participants form a solid understanding of fundamental coaching principles and methods, as well as basic coaching responsibilities. Find out more about the NJYS Y Course online.

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