NJ Youth Soccer Continues Partnership with Topps Trading Cards

NJ Youth Soccer | Topps Trading Cards

State Cup Champions Celebrated Through Partnership

New Jersey Youth Soccer announced today that it will be continuing its ongoing partnership with Topps Trading Cards. Through the relationship, which was initially launched in 2016, Topps will be creating custom trading cards for each of the NJ Youth Soccer State Cup championship teams.

“We are very pleased to continue this partnership with Topps Trading Cards,” said Evan Dabby, Executive Director of NJ Youth Soccer. “Topps has been very supportive of our initiative to celebrate each of our State Cup champions, and their commemorative cards are a great memento for teams to remember their achievement.”

Each member of the NJ Youth Soccer National Champions Series, Presidents Cup and Commissioners Cup championship teams will receive a custom Topps trading card. The front of all cards will feature the team name with an image, while the back will include their logo and a note that is selected by team representatives. The quality, look and feel of each card will be similar to the 2017 Topps trading cards that are created for Major League Soccer.

Historically and still today, New Jersey has a one of the largest state youth soccer participation groups in the Northeast region, with New Jersey State Cups providing three levels of competition. At the elite level, teams can participate in the National Championship Series. Additionally, competitive travel programs are able to play in the NJ Youth Soccer Presidents Cup. Winners in both categories will then represent New Jersey in the next level of competition, playing against other state champions in U.S. Youth Soccer Region I. Winners of the Region I tournament next face each other in the U.S. Youth Soccer National Competition that takes place in the summer. Also, the Commissioners Cup is a new competition in 2017 that is designed for a third tier of teams, focusing on the benefits of healthy and fun competition while culminating in New Jersey champions.

For more information about New Jersey Youth Soccer, email communications@njyouthsoccer.com.

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