NJ Youth Soccer Renews with YouthSoccer101

NJ Youth Soccer YouthSoccer101

New Jersey Youth Soccer announced today that the state association has renewed its relationship with YouthSoccer101. Through this affiliation, YouthSoccer101 provides NJ Youth Soccer coaches and club representatives with free access to a variety of age appropriate soccer activities and lesson plans that help guide volunteer coaches throughout the season.

“The NJYS Coaching School recognizes there are a variety of tools available over the internet for every level of coach to use to teach the game,” said Rick Meana, NJYS Director of Coaching. “Novice coaches especially need a tool that is not only easy to use, but also relates to the age and level of the player. Youthsoccer101, which is a free tool, provides these elements while deploying a unique weekly delivery system right to the coach’s inbox.”

With YouthSoccer101, coaches receive one practice plan per week via email for the entire season. Coaches cannot jump ahead in the sessions, which helps keep age groups on the same path of development throughout the season. Every practice plan includes activities that are supported by animation or video to ensure that the coaches understand them. Coaches also receive a link for “backyard activities” to share with their players. Those activities coincide with the weekly plans, and players can use them to practice at home.

“Youthsoccer101 has been helping coaches across the country for over 10 years,” said Tyler Isaacson, CEO of YouthSoccer101. “It is a real privilege to be included as one of the many tools New Jersey Youth Soccer has to offer their members. Over 1,500 New Jersey coaches are already using the program in the short time it has been offered.”

When the activities and practices from YouthSoccer101 are used within the context of US Soccer’s Grassroots Play-Practice-Play methodology, they help in providing players, parents and coaches with a learning experience that is realistic to the game and rooted in fun and enjoyment.

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