NJ Youth Soccer and Topps Team Up to Celebrate State Cup Champions

NJ Youth Soccer Topps

New Jersey Youth Soccer is teaming up with Topps to celebrate its State Cup champions once again in 2018. Each member of the NJ Youth Soccer National Championship Series, Presidents Cup and Commissioners Cup championship teams will receive a custom trading card featuring a team selected image.

This initiative continues a successful program that began in early 2017 where NJ Youth Soccer teams earned a commemorative Topps card to recognize their achievement. The front of the card will have the team name and picture, and the back of each card will be the club logo with a team note of their personal choice. The cards will possess the same quality, look and feel of the Topps MLS cards that feature the stars of Major League Soccer.

At the top of NJ Youth Soccer State Cups competition is the National Championship Series, the most prestigious national youth soccer tournament in the country. The National Championship Series winners from each state have the opportunity to showcase their soccer skills against the best competition in the nation while emphasizing teamwork, discipline and fair play. (Register Here)

The Presidents Cup is a national tournament that is designed to create a high-level competition for teams that are looking to play against teams of similar abilities, where those teams that advance will play for a regional or possibly a national title. (Register Here)

The Commissioners Cup is a tournament that was successfully introduced this past year and hosts travel teams in the U11 to U14 age groups in the fall, with the U15 and U16 age groups participating in the spring/summer. This state-only tournament is designed to create a challenging and enjoyable event for teams that do not play in the National Championship Series or Presidents Cup. (Register Here)

Questions about the State Cups can be emailed to statecups@njyouthsoccer.com. Also make sure to follow NJ Youth Soccer on social media: @NJYouthSoccer

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