Peter Grandich to Provide Commentary for the Ed Morrissey Show

Peter Grandich

Peter Grandich and Company is pleased to announce that managing member Peter Grandich will now provide bi-monthly commentary to the Ed Morrissey Show on

“As a practical matter, many in the secular media avoid openly-religious financial commentators in order to avoid criticism or controversy. And, while this is quite understandable, I will not do interviews where I cannot openly tie my faith to my work,” said Grandich. “Accordingly, I have made it clear that, as an integral part of my professional offerings, I believe that my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, has led me to be a voice for His teachings which are given to us in the only true manual for life, the Holy Bible.”

Grandich has enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Morrissey that has stretched across multiple media platforms.

“Ed Morrissey has interviewed me numerous times, both on his blog and on Relevant Radio,” he continued. “His actions speak volumes to his depth of character and his unfettered search for financial and journalistic ‘truth’ by permitting me to express my financial insights despite that they do not necessarily arise from the secular financial world.” provides news analysis and commentary, and Morrissey hosts his own show on the network that airs most Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Minnesota native is also a nationally recognized columnist and author who has written for a variety of major media outlets during his professional career.

“Peter is not just a friend, but a brave voice warning of problems that others avoid,” said Morrissey. “His focus on the long-term destructive patterns of short-term policies provides a stark contrast to a don’t-worry-be-happy financial media narrative. Furthermore, Peter’s renewed focus on Biblical principles in financial matters offers a way out of those patterns, and I am looking forward to making those conversations a regular part of The Ed Morrissey Show.”

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