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Photo by Omar Yupanqui.

Kelly Conheeney and Danielle Schulmann Attend TOPSoccer Jamboree in West Orange

Sky Blue FC midfielder Kelly Conheeney and forward Danielle Schulmann joined New Jersey Youth Soccer this past weekend in support of their TOPSoccer program, which is a community-based training and team placement initiative for young athletes with special needs. The program was highlighted when NJ Youth Soccer hosted a TOPSoccer Jamboree on Saturday afternoon that also included representatives from the New York Red Bulls Street Team.

“Working with the kids at TOPSoccer was so rewarding!” said Conheeney. “When you give children the opportunity to play, you realize how much joy they get out of it. Even if they do not always know how to express it, you can see it in their smiles and feel it through their willingness to learn.”

TOPSoccer provides a curriculum to train coaches and volunteers to provide fun and engaging soccer activities for young athletes with mental or physical challenges. The program, designed by U.S. Youth Soccer, emphasizes player-specific development, training and meaningful participation rather than competition and results.

“On behalf of NJ Youth Soccer, we want to thank everyone who made our latest TOPSoccer event such a great success,” said Evan Dabby, NJ Youth Soccer Executive Director. “TOPSoccer is particularly rewarding to anyone who becomes involved with the program, and you can clearly see the positive effect that it is having on all of these young athletes. We are very proud to have TOPSoccer as an integral part of our programming here at NJ Youth Soccer.”

Hosted at Liberty Middle School in West Orange, N.J., the TOPSoccer Jamboree on Saturday was conducted in partnership with West Orange Soccer. The free event featured soccer training in addition to games and entertainment for all of the players, buddies, coaches and families in attendance. Special attractions at the Jamboree included a showcase by members of the New York Red Bulls Street Team, along with Conheeney and Schulmann participating in the training sessions.

“We had such an amazing time working with NJ Youth Soccer’s TOPSoccer program,” said Schulmann. “The happiness that all of the kids received from taking part in the Jamboree was really special. It is very gratifying to see what kind of impact you can have when you volunteer a little bit of your time for such a great cause.”

Sky Blue FC President & General Manager Tony Novo also voiced his pleasure in supporting NJ Youth Soccer’s TOPSoccer program.

“Personally and professionally, I have been a strong advocate of TOPSoccer for many years, and it is great to see how much the program has grown under the direction of Evan Dabby and NJ Youth Soccer,” said Novo. “At Sky Blue FC, we will continue to proudly support TOPSoccer and lend our assistance in any way that we can to benefit the program.”

To find out more information about U.S. Youth Soccer’s TOPSoccer initiative, visit the program online.

Sky Blue FC currently has open tryouts scheduled for March 1-2 in Monmouth County, N.J. Online registration for the trials is now open.

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