Tennessee Announces Fall State Cup All-Tournament Teams

TSSA Announces Fall State Cup All-Tournament Teams

The Tennessee State Soccer Association (TSSA) is proud to announce its All-Tournament Teams for the Tennessee Fall State Cup. Champions were recently crowned at the Richard Siegel Soccer Complex in Murfreesboro for boys teams in the 15U to 19U age groups, as well as both boys and girls teams in the 12U division.

Opposing coaches voted on the selections for the Tennessee State Cup All-Tournament Teams, with coaches being unable to vote for their own players. Below are the results of the voting, separated by age groups and tournament tiers.

12U Division 1 Boys
Sammy Yair Jimenez Renteria (Chattanooga FC – 2011B Navy)
James Bailey (Germantown Legends 2011 Black)
Anthony Baltz (Germantown Legends 2011 Black)
Dario Gerrera (FC Alliance 2011B Pre-ECNL)
Neymar Cordero (FC Alliance 2011B Pre-ECNL)
Silas Caron (TSC Williamson 2012 Boys Academy Premier Blue – TSL)
Carter West (TSC Williamson 2012 Boys Academy Premier Blue – TSL)
Austin Bradley (Chattanooga FC – 2011B Navy)
Porter O’Shaughnessy (Chattanooga FC – 2011B Navy)

12U Division 2 Boys
Ryan Barrett (TSC Williamson 2012 Boys Academy Premier White – TSL)
Patrick Westrich (TSC Williamson 2012 Boys Academy Premier White – TSL)
Knox Roberts (NUSA B11 Maroon)
Henry Gallardo (NUSA B11 Maroon)
Noah Park (NUSA B11 Maroon)
Edwin Alexis Samano-Flores (NUSA B11 Maroon)
Beckham Schimmel (TSC Williamson 2012 Boys Academy Premier White – TSL)
Owen Gooch (TSC Williamson 2011 Boys Academy Premier Blue – TSL)
Caden Hitt (WUSC – 2011 Boys Black)

12U Division 3 Boys
Matthew Nunez (Midsouth Bartlett Boys 2012)
Kyrie Taylor (Midsouth Bartlett Boys 2012)
Zane Shaffer (Rc3 FC Royals Navy)
Logan Kinney (Rc3 FC Royals Navy)
Johnston Muna (Midsouth Bartlett Boys 2012)
Rory Freiberg (Pateadores 2012 Blue)
Sawyer Shepard (Pateadores 2012 Blue)
Liam Cochran (TSC Sumner 2011 Boys Academy)

12U Division 1 Girls
Mackenzie Douglas (Chattanooga FC – 2011G Navy)
Alexis Kotowski (FC Alliance 2012G Pre-ECNL)
Olivia Perer (TUSC 2011 Girls Red)
Victoria Peace (FC Alliance 2011G Pre-ECNL)
Madelyn Frazier (FC Alliance 2011G Pre-ECNL)
Kaylor Johnson (TUSC 2011 Girls Red)

12U Division 2 Girls
Stella Hooper (NUSA G11 Maroon)
Avery Watson (NUSA G11 Maroon)
Tierney McGill (FC Alliance 2012G Pre ECNL RL)
Madison Maciejewski (FC Alliance 2012G Pre ECNL RL)
Fallyn Baker (FC Alliance 2012G Pre ECNL RL)
Camryn Hewgley (NUSA G11 Maroon)
Sarah Collins (TUSC 2011 Girls Blue)
Whitley Freeman (Knox Reds 11 Liverpool)

12U Division 3 Girls
Elaina Potts (GSC Lady Rangers 11)
Audrey Reiser (GSC Lady Rangers 11)
Azaria Godfrey (Clarksville SC – G2012 Maroon)
Aubrielle Brooks (Clarksville SC – G2012 Maroon)
Madelyn Jones (Clarksville SC G2011 Blue)
Emma Hawkins (Blount United Soccer Club – 12U Girls)
Madison Kourofsky (Blount United Soccer Club – 12U Girls)

15U Division 1 Boys
Victor Gonzalez (Stones River FC 2008 Black)
Gideon Gonzalez (Pateadores 08 Yellow)
Jax Donaldson (2008 Lobos Rush E64)
Reece Rector (TUSC 2008 Boys NPL)
Theo Simpson (Pateadores 08 Blue)
Ali Tarchane (Knox Reds 08 Celtic)
Arturo Ramirez (Germantown Legends 08 Black)
Gerard Hernandez (NUSA B08 Maroon)

15U Division 2 Boys
Junior Serrano (JCFC 2008B Black)
George Towne (Germantown Legends 08 White)
Derek Uribe (2008 Lobos Rush Elite)
Juan Pablo Salcedo Badlissi (TSC Sumner 2008 Boys Showcase)
Cameron High (TSC Nashville 2008 Boys Showcase)
Bladimir Espinoza (Blount United Soccer Club – 15U Boys)
Michael Shade (OLE FC 08B Premier)
Larry Ochoa (TSC Sumner 2008 Boys Showcase)
Sawyer Stein (TSC Williamson 2008 Boys Showcase)
Cade Baldridge (2008 Lobos Rush Elite)

15U Division 3 Boys
Josue Ramirez (WUSC – 2008 Bous Black)
Brock Roberts (Chattanooga FC – 2008B White)
Simon Doran (Chattanooga FC – 2008B White)
Samir Cox (2008 Lobos Rush Select)
Caleb Nocera (TUSC 2008 Red)
Holden Wharton (TUSC 2008 Red)

16U Division 1 Boys
Cristofer Guadalupe Valadez Martines (NUSA B07 Maroon)
Dylan Atnip (TUSC 2007 Boys NPL)
Anderson Viens (Chattanooga Red Wolves Academy – 07B Red)
Darren Curtis (Germantown Legends 07 Black)
John Parker Crittenden (Emerald Force 07 Atletico)
William Love (2007 Lobos Rush E64)
Jacob Pyndell (Germantown Legends 07 Premier)
Maximus Steele (2007 Lobos Rush E64)
Naji Ghandour (Germantown Legends 07 Premier)
Andy Navarro (Stones River FC 2007 Black)

16U Division 2 Boys
Cruz Jackson (2007 Redoubt Generals)
Pablo Sanchez-Rodriguez (Pedro Jrs)
Cameron Barone (TSC Williamson 2007 Boys Premier)
Bryce Duhl (Clarksville SC – B2007 Maroon)
Eddy Ramirez (All-In FC TN 07 Boys)
Oliver Fuentes (All-In FC TN 07 Boys)
Tristan Phillips (TSC Sumner 2007 Boys Showcase)
Andrew Davis (Midsouth Futbol Boys 2007 Elite)
Anthony Sandoval (TSC Williamson 2007 Boys Showcase)

16U Division 3 Boys
Kobe Williams (Rampage SC 07 Boys)
Andrew Profico (2007 Lobos Rush Elite)
John Robert Campbell (2007 Lobos Rush Elite)
Leonardo Scardigno (2007 Lobos Rush Elite)
Kamron Mooreland (Pateadores 07 Blue)
Ricardo Rodriguez (NUSA B07 Gold)

17U Division 1 Boys
Victor Reed (Clarksville SC – B2006 Maroon)
Lucas Trull (Tri-Cities United 06 Boys Premier)
William Hackford (TUSC 2006 Boys NPL)
Jonathan Amperez (Midsouth Futbol Boys 2006 Premier)
Trotter Jones (2006 Lobos Rush E64)
Cullen Brummer (2006 Lobos Rush E64)
Dani El-Minaoui (Tri-Cities United 06 Boys Premier)
Jackson Mpawenayo (NUSA B06 Maroon)
Logan Tramell (TSC Murfreesboro 2006 Boys Showcase)
Edgar Juarez (JSC 2006 Boys)
Eli Wilson (TSC Murfreesboro 2006 Boys Showcase)

17U Division 2 Boys
Zain Alamori (TSC Nashville 2006 Boys Showcase)
Sam Conrad (CSM Forge – U17B)
Hayden Staten (2006 Lobos Rush Elite)
Andrew Porter (TUSC 2006 Boys Red)
Ivan Draine (Action Elite – Azules B17U)
Eli Colbert (KUSA 06B STARS)
Ford Graviss (TSC Murfreesboro 2006 Boys Premier)
Carlos Turcios Reyes (KUSA 06B STARS)
Cooper Nelson (2006 Lobos Rush Elite)
Juan Perdoma (Music City FC 06B Premier)

17U Division 3 Boys
Gunner Green (CFFC 06 Boys)
Brayden Trail (CFFC 06 Boys)
Paulo Balomona (Nashville Now – 07/06)
KaPatrick Lindsey (Nashville Now – 07/06)
Josiah Cruz (Action Elite – B17U)
Peyton Pobanz (Action Elite – B17U)
Ethan Sloan (Action Elite – B17U)
Alex (Junior) Petatan (Action Elite – B17U)
Diego Lopez (2006 Lobos Rush Select)

18U Division 1 Boys
Logan Ahern (Midsouth Futbol Boys 2005 Premier)
Yervin Pineda (Pateadores 05 Blue)
Colin Carter (Signal Mountain 2005 Boys)
Evan Gilmet (TUSC 2005 Boys NPL)
William Wackerfuss (Germantown Legends 05 Black NL)
Peter Hickman (Signal Mountain 2005 Boys)
Malachi Ray-Thorpe (TSC Murfreesboro 2005 Boys Showcase)
Emmanuel Monserrat (Germantown Legends 05 Black NL)
Henry Ruby (NUSA B05 Maroon)
Trayton Holmes (Kononia FC FIRE)

18U Division 2 Boys
Andrew Perry (Lanus)
Denilson Lopez (Pateadores 05 Yellow)
Christopher Jijon (WHSC 2005 Boys)
Zaamel Mercer (McMinn United Futbol Club – B18U)
Alan Velasquez (Greater Cleveland Soccer Association – B18U)
Sameh Ahmed (NUSA B05 Navy)
Ryder Martin (Greater Cleveland Soccer Association – B18U)
Brady Theofiledes (Germantown Legends 05 White)
Brandon Sanchez (Rc3 FC Bridge)

19U Division 1 Boys
Jad Rahme (Albion SC Nashville B04 Academy)
Thomas Campbell (Stones River FC 2004 Black)
Austin Beets (Tri-Cities United 04/05 Boys Premier)
Donovan Pruitte (JSC 2004 Boys)
Zaid Esquivel (2004/05 Lobos Rush E64)
Connor Woulfe (NUSA B04 Maroon)
Linberth Soriano (PWYS ’04 Boys)
Kaue Costa (Germantown Legends 04 Black NL)

19U Division 2 Boys
Robbin Catillo (Tennessee Select Soccer Academy – B04)
Alden Wilson (Emerald Force 04 Tigres)
David Velasquez (UC United High School Boys)
Graham Borgia (Blount United Soccer Club – 19U Boys)
Oliver Robledo Diaz (Tribe)
Dane Holley (U19 Boys Arsenal)
Cole Grimaldi (Tribe)
Taylor Aaron (Blount United Soccer Club – 19U Boys)
Jesse Garduno (WUSC – 2005 Boys Black)
Kevin Herrera (KHM 04/05B Premier 1)

Following the results of the Tennessee Fall State Cup, 13U to 19U boys champions at the Division 1 level now advance to the US Youth Soccer (USYS) Regional Tournament in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The competition is part of the USYS National Championship Series, which is the country’s most prestigious national youth soccer tournament. Boys champions at the Division 2 level will continue onto regional play in the USYS Southern Presidents Cup in Greer, South Carolina. The USYS Presidents Cup provides a progressive and competitive environment to teams that might not otherwise get the opportunity to participate in a series of unique experiences highlighting competition, camaraderie and community.

Open to all member clubs and their teams, TSSA has hosted the Tennessee State Cup since 1976. Games are played at competitive levels within three divisions (Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3).

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